Unlimited Sciences Launches Psychedelic Info Line for Evidence-Based Exploration

Organization employs “navigators” who respond to people interested in exploring psychedelics.

Unlimited Sciences, a Colorado-based psychedelic research nonprofit, said Feb. 6 it has  launched a psychedelic information line aimed at providing data-driven education and resources for individuals considering the exploration of psychedelics.

The information line represents a departure from traditional approaches to psychedelic education, focusing on comprehensive information on natural psychedelics to improve outcomes and reduce harm, according to Unlimited Sciences.

The organization employs “navigators” who respond to callers inquiries using information from an extensive research library of peer-reviewed studies.

The primary goal of the information line is to offer informed answers to individuals’ questions, aiding them in making decisions before engaging in psychedelic use. The service positions itself as a critical resource not provided by any other organization, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing safety and responsible decision-making within the psychedelic community.

“The Psychedelic Info Line represents the culmination of years of high-impact research and dedication to advancing our understanding of psychedelics,” said Dr. Matthew Lowe, executive director at Unlimited Sciences. “We hope this one-on-one education line will positively impact individuals, helping them make more informed decisions about safely using psychedelics.”

To reach the Psychedelic Info Line, call 888-210-3553 (Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST) or email at