Our Story

In 1938, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann embarked on a routine synthesis of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in his laboratory. Little did he know that this day would etch his name into history.

Hofmann’s accidental exposure to a minuscule amount of LSD led to the world’s first intentional psychedelic trip. Astonished by the kaleidoscopic visions and altered consciousness, he embarked on what became known as his famous bicycle ride, an inadvertent journey that unlocked the door to the world of psychedelics. This serendipitous event illuminated the potential for these substances to catalyze a transformation in mental health treatment.

From that groundbreaking moment to where we stand today, the journey has been one of immense discovery, research and, at times, societal apprehension. However, we find ourselves on the brink of a profound shift. The once-misunderstood psychedelics are now being rigorously researched, demonstrating their capability to heal, guide and bring solace.

Psychedelic Medical News stands as a testament to this journey. Founded by seasoned journalists who have experienced firsthand the potent healing capabilities of psychedelics, we are committed to offering a balanced, science-based exploration of how these substances can transform mental health care. Our aim is to collaborate closely with the medical community and researchers, bridging the gap between the historic discovery and the promising future of integrating psychedelic therapies into conventional medicine.

As we honor Hofmann’s accidental foray into the psychedelic world, we stand at the threshold of a new era in medicine. The road from that memorable bicycle ride to the imminent integration of psychedelic medicines into healing practices has been long, but its culmination is on the horizon. Join us as we navigate this transformative landscape, leveraging science, experience and open conversation to pave the way for a new frontier in mental health.

Welcome to Psychedelic Medical News, where the echoes of Hofmann’s bicycle ride resonate in the promising strides we’re making toward healing and understanding through psychedelic medicine. The adventure continues here.

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Who We Are

Psychedelic Medical News started as a conversation between two seasoned B2B journalists who shared a keen interest in psychedelics and recognized the burgeoning potential of this field. We established this platform to serve as a primary resource for medical professionals, researchers, therapists and anyone intrigued by the evolving landscape of psychedelics. It’s truly a labor of love as we devote numerous evenings and weekends to deliver this information to our readers. In consideration of our professional commitments (because, let’s face it, bills need to be paid), we operate under the pen names John Scott and Jay Cable. As our site and community expand, our goal is to share more about our backgrounds, including our personal experiences with psychedelic medicines.