Rapid-Acting Mental Health Treatment Summit to Convene in San Francisco

The event is expected to attract a diverse audience of investors, private-practice health professionals and individuals seeking to pioneer new business and finance models in mental healthcare.

BrainFutures, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing practical applications of new scientific understanding of the brain, will co-host the upcoming Rapid-Acting Mental Health Treatment (RAMHT) 2024 in San Francisco.

Scheduled for Jan. 7, 2024, the in-person event will be jointly led by Owen Muir, M.D., a dual-boarded child and adult psychiatrist and author of “The Frontier Psychiatrists,” and David Esselman, executive director of BrainFutures.

“Most ‘frontline’ treatments for mental health disorders take weeks or even months to become effective, if they work at all, leaving patients waiting for relief,” event organizers said in a news release. “New treatments that work faster are emerging. Many healthcare systems, payers and even investors are not yet aware of what is coming – and what is already possible.”

Hosted on the eve of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, RAMHT 2024 will assemble a roster of innovative psychiatric and mental health leaders to discuss rapid-acting treatments that have the potential to revolutionize the delivery of mental healthcare, according to the event’s co-hosts.

These treatments encompass a wide range of cutting-edge approaches, including psychedelic-assisted therapy, FDA-Breakthrough digital therapeutics like NightWare (an AI-guided medical device for nightmares) and the FDA-breakthrough SAINT Neuromodulation System by Magnus Medical, which pairs functional MRI and precise brain stimulation to relieve depression in only five days of treatment.

Grady Hannah, CEO at NightWare, and Muir hatched the idea after speaking at the 2023 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

“These treatments require a whole new way of thinking about mental healthcare because they work more rapidly and powerfully than any of our current models of care anticipated,” Hannah said in a news release.

“The rate of change is faster than we can measure with existing tools, but until you grasp that it can be faster, safer and more effective, we won’t be prepared at the systems level,” Muir added. “I’ve been working on rapid assessments for opiate-use disorder with my team at iRxReminder along with Videra Health. The need to understand rapidly is crucial, but our existing tools could not keep up.”

David Esselman, co-host of RAMHT 2024, also emphasized the importance of the event.

“The mental health landscape is evolving quickly. Stakeholders must come together to explore the potential of rapid-acting treatments. These critical discussions enable us to adjust our expectations to what is possible. With that shared understanding, we can move away from half-measures and towards solutions.”

RAMHT 2024 will feature fireside chats with experts grappling with what faster can mean for systems of care. This allows attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and gain invaluable insights. 
Already announced speakers include:

  • Danielle DeSouza, Ph.D, VP of Research at Acacia Mental Health
  • Nolan Williams, director of the Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab
  • Grady Hannah, CEO of NightWare
  • Eleanor Cole, Senior Manager of Clinical Research at Magnus Medical
  • Brett Talbot, Ph.D, co-founder of Videra Health
  • Kalli Ortega, a leader in innovative insurance models at MelEos Group
  • Clinician-journalists like Michele Bernabe, RN, author of Substack-hosted Moral Health

A panel discussion and reception will follow.

The event is expected to draw a diverse audience, including investors, private-practice health professionals and individuals seeking to pioneer new business and finance models in mental healthcare.
More information and registration for the event can be found on the RAMHT 2024 website. Space is limited.

RAMHT 2024 is sponsored by Acacia Mental Health, BrainFutures, Fermata, Magnus Medical, MelEos Group, Moral Health and Videra Health.
Direct donations and net proceeds for this event will benefit BrainFutures, a 501c3 nonprofit brain health advocacy organization (EIN: 52-0701916). Direct donations are tax-deductible under federal law. A portion of the ticket price may be tax-deductible.