Madrigal Mental Care Completes Nanotechnology Research on Ketamine

The company said it is gearing up to initiate in-human clinical trials to evaluate ketamine for treating PTSD and other mental-health disorders.

Madrigal Mental Care said it has completed its nanotechnology research on the use of ketamine as a treatment for trauma-related disorders such as PTSD and depression.

With the study completed, the Israel-based company said it is gearing up to initiate in-human clinical trials.

“The research underscores the potential of ketamine combined with Madrigal’s proprietary nanotechnology to offer a transformative approach to PTSD treatment, aiming to address the core of the trauma rather than merely managing symptoms,” Madrigal said in a news release.

The global surge in PTSD, highlighted by the recent conflict in Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks, underscores the urgency of addressing this epidemic, the company noted.

“Madrigal, originating from Kibbutz Re’im in Israel’s south, has been dedicated to combating PTSD, a commitment that has intensified in the wake of these events,” Madrigal said. “The company is at the forefront of developing innovative treatments to meet the growing need for effective PTSD interventions, particularly in regions hardest hit by conflict.”

Madrigal CEO David Gabay noted that he is a survivor of the attacks of Oct. 7. More than 1,200 Israelis were killed during the Hamas-led assault, Israel has said.

“Our goal is to begin human trials this year and expedite FDA approval processes, aiming to provide a revolutionary treatment by 2026,” Gabay said. “The scale of mental-health issues emerging necessitates immediate and bold action, and the support from our international community is critical for turning our vision into reality.”

As Madrigal prepares for the next phase of clinical trials, the company extended “an open invitation to individuals and organizations interested in learning more or collaborating on this journey.”

“With a commitment to redefining mental-health treatment, Madrigal is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by PTSD,” the company said.