Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Opens Psychedelic-Therapy Center in Oregon

Psilo Sessions by Highsman will celebrate its grand opening on May 2.

Highsman, the cannabis brand founded by former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, recently announced the launch of a new psychedelic-therapy center in Salem, Oregon.

The company describes Psilo Sessions by Highsman as a facility that provides “guided psychedelic journeys of self-discovery and perspective-altering moments.”

“Conceived and developed by Ricky Williams, the alternative-therapy sessions are tailored to each individual patient and are led by a team of licensed facilitators, therapists and medical experts, passionate about the power of psychedelic medicine and holistic integration therapy,” Highsman explained in a news release.

Featuring six individual therapy rooms and one large group room, Psilo Sessions by Highsman is the largest facility of its kind in the state, according to the company. Custom lighting as well as complimentary art supplies, blankets, iPads and noise-canceling headphones are available “for an experience that is both comfortable and transformative, safe and secure.”

Prices range from $70 for 30-minute microdoses to $2,400 for eight-hour high-dose sessions.

Although Psilo Sessions by Highsman began treating patients in late March, the center has planned a grand opening for May 2. During the grand opening, Williams will be joining group and private sessions and offering astrology readings.

“I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to open our premier Psilo Sessions by Highsman location in Salem, Oregon, and to extend this enriching experience to the public,” Williams said in a news release. ”Psilocybin therapy opened my mind to a new playbook of healing. Just as I navigated the field with agility, this natural medicine allowed me to traverse the landscape of my psyche with grace and resilience, unlocking pathways to inner peace and enlightenment.”