Fluence Offering Advanced Certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

The first live cohort of the new KAP program will run from March 12 to May 28.

Fluence announced the launch of its new advanced Certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

The live, online 12-week program is designed for clinicians planning to expand their knowledge and practice to include ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, according to Fluence.

“Whether you’re taking initial steps into this field or aiming to deepen your existing expertise, this program offers comprehensive insights and practical skills essential for competent and ethical practice,” Fluence explains on its website. “We aim to make this new therapeutic approach accessible through the completion of this program.”

The training includes live presentations and Q&A sessions with experienced KAP providers; demonstration videos; and the opportunity to create your own practice materials. It includes complementary components looking at scope of practice, business considerations, and more.

“The course work emphasizes the standards of informed consent, preparation, administration and integration sessions particularly relevant in both research and private practice settings,” Fluence says. “We will cover best practices through the treatment arc, from client intake to completion.”

The first live cohort of the new KAP program will run from March 12 to May 28. The application period is open.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must complete the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration, a six-week foundational program that is a primer for all advanced Fluence modules.

Those who haven’t completed the PTI program may apply directly to the KAP program, but will be required to select a PTI cohort during the application process, Fluence noted. Applicants who already have enrolled in the November or January cohorts of the new PTI program may submit an abbreviated, supplemental application to the KAP program. Only one application is required in either case.