Fluence Brings Psychedelic Therapy Training to Ukraine

Fluence collaborates with Ukrainian research, mental-health organizations to provide training support.

Fluence said March 6 it will offer free psychedelic-assisted therapy training materials to therapists in war-torn Ukraine.

Fluence, a provider of psychedelic-assisted therapy training, has translated course materials for Ukrainian mental-health professional who are interested in incorporating psychedelic harm reduction and integration into their practice.

The organization launched the initiative in collaboration with the Ukrainian Psychedelic Research Association, or UPRA, and a U.S. nonprofit called Heal Ukraine Trauma.

More than 540 Ukrainian mental health specialists have already signed up for the program, according to Fluence. Fluence and UPRA are implementing a verification process to ensure its resources reach Ukrainian psychologists and doctors, Fluence said.

UPRA has led the course materials translation and will oversee enrollment.

The organization aims to obtain recognition for the course in Ukraine as an approved postgraduate education program for medical professionals in the nation.

Oleh Orlov, chairman and CEO of UPRA, said psychedelic-assisted therapy provides hope for Ukrainians impacted by the ongoing war with Russia.

“This innovative approach to mental health is not just about healing,” he said. “For Ukraine, where the collective psyche bears the heavy burden of war and related traumas, this represents not just a medical advancement, but a crucial step towards national recovery and emotional resilience.”

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