ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions Begins Operations at Calgary Clinic

The network also opened a new clinic in Edmonton.

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions (PHS) said it recently opened a new psychedelic-assisted-therapy clinic in Edmonton and began operations at its clinic in Calgary.

ATMA CENA PHS now has clinics in four Canadian cities. Clinics in London, Ontario, and Toronto will begin providing psychedelic-assisted therapy (PaT) in the second quarter of 2024, according to the organization.

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions (PHS) is a collaboration of ATMA Journey Centers Inc., Cena Life Inc. and partners across Canada to advance and expand access to psychedelic-assisted therapy through the establishment of a clinic network.

“Utilizing Alberta’s Psychedelic Drug Treatment Service Standards and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Accreditation Program as foundational principles, ATMA CENA clinics will aim to support the establishment of the necessary infrastructure that enables standardized care,” the organization said in a news release. “In the delivery of PaT across Canada, ATMA CENA PHS aims to support care that is safe, operationally consistent, efficient, effective and regulation-compliant.”

The corporate clinics will offer ketamine-assisted therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and psilocybin and MDMA-assisted therapy through the Special Access Program, with application support as well as regular psychological counseling services, ATMA CENA PHS said.

The Calgary and London sites also will serve as research centers for clinical trials and in-person training.

The network noted that all clinic locations are hiring “qualified independent therapists with regular caseloads, who wish to integrate PaT into their practice at their own pace.”

ATMA CENA PHS said it has received nine letters of interest from “clinics in key locations across Canada” looking to join the network.

“Our network member clinics can expect support in implementing a sustainable and profitable model of delivering PaT – something that has been a challenge for the industry to date,” ATMA CENA PHS asserted in a news release.

The network provides benefits to independent therapists and practitioners as well, the organization noted.

“Our objective is to ensure that therapists, practitioners and patients alike have improved access to a network of PaT clinics that provide safe, high-quality and evidence-informed care regardless of where they reside across Canada,” ATMA CENA PHS said. “The network of clinics provides opportunity for a vast number of therapists and practitioners wishing to offer in PaT as a mechanism to increase accessibility for their clients.”

Therapists, practitioners and clinics can find more information about the network on the ATMA CENA website.