ATMA Announces Collaboration with Aviva Fohrer to Develop KAT Protocols for Addiction Treatment

While ketamine-assisted therapy is legally accessible in Canada, ATMA asserts that the treatment modality is “underutilized.”

ATMA Journey Centers Inc., a Calgary-based provider of education and training for psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners, recently announced a strategic collaboration with Dr. Aviva Fohrer. 

The goals of the collaboration are “to develop comprehensive treatment protocols for addiction using ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT), while also facilitating the training and coaching of practitioners and addiction counselors within the ATMA training program,” ATMA explained in a news release.

While ketamine-assisted therapy is legally accessible in Canada, ATMA asserted that the treatment modality is “underutilized.”

“When administered with precise protocols and combined with essential psychotherapy, KAT has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in alleviating conditions such as treatment-resistant depression,” ATMA added.

Emerging data from various studies also highlights KAT’s effectiveness in addressing addiction and trauma-related conditions. Given the alarming rise in post-COVID-19 addiction cases – encompassing issues ranging from alcoholism to opioid misuse – “the need for innovative approaches to addiction treatment has never been more pressing.” 

Fohrer, “a distinguished expert in the field, can attest to the safe and efficacious application of KAT for addiction, particularly when traditional treatment methods have fallen short,” ATMA asserted.

Fohrer holds triple board certifications in Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine and Preventative Medicine. She earned her M.D. from Ben Gurion University and is licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. Fohrer is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Association of Family Practice. 

Fohrer currently operates her own private practice, Thalia Medical Center, in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

In recent years, Fohrer has been researching and diligently implementing KAT treatment into her practice, witnessing a significant increase in positive outcomes for her patients. 

In a joint effort, ATMA and Cena Life are collaborating to raise awareness among practitioners regarding the underutilization of KAT and its potential when integrated with appropriate protocols and psychotherapy. The partnership with Fohrer is aimed at implementing KAT training programs, protocols and access to service for addiction treatment across ATMA and Cena Life’s extensive network of clinics nationwide. 

“This initiative holds the promise of revolutionizing addiction treatment supported by a safe and flexible service model offered across Canada and North America,” ATMA said. “The program is open to practitioners, addiction counselors, therapy practices and treatment centers seeking effective tools and pathways for addiction treatment.”

Practitioners and addiction counselors interested in learning more about KAT treatment for addictions and associated training can register for a live information session and Q&A with Fohrer by visiting the ATMA website.